Congregational Care

From prayer and pastoral visits to providing meals when life gets challenging, Congregational Care ministries keep people connected.  A Prayer Team and Prayer Network keep concerns confidential.  Helping Hands deliver home-cooked meals after a hospitalization or during stressful times.  The Teddy Bears and Prayer Shawls provide a ministry of presence when people need to feel God’s love very close.

Each area offers care in unique ways.  Connect with contact persons for more information regarding a request for care or ways to join in the care teams.

Stephen Ministries

Warren First is honored to be one of 12,000 congregation in the United States involving 160 different denominations, who have a group of caregivers known as Stephen Ministers. Stephen Ministers have received 50 hours of care-giving training to minister to people experiencing a crisis, facing a challenge, or simply going through a tough time. A … Continue reading Stephen Ministries

Prayer Shawls

Prayer shawls are a ministry of presence–the presence of prayers and love and warmth. Wrapping yourself in the prayers of the crafters and the prayers of this faith community is like having God’s arms wrapped around you just when you need a hug or encouragement. Sharing these blessings is the ministry of faithful knitters and … Continue reading Prayer Shawls

Prayer Ministry

Prayer, the first response and the greatest power! The prayer team meets faithfully every Wednesday at 10:15 a.m. to pray over and lift up the concerns and celebrations received from those shared in worship on Sunday mornings and through our Email Prayer Chain and this website. You may join the Prayer Team for a time … Continue reading Prayer Ministry

Pastoral Care

There are times when a phone call or visit from the pastor are just what you need.  There are times when you aren’t sure what will help.  The pastor and congregational care team are here to hold you, your struggles, and your spiritual journey in caring hearts and hands. You are encouraged to contact the … Continue reading Pastoral Care

Home Visits & Communion

The Congregational Care Team is a group of trained individuals who make calls to members and friends who cannot come to church events due to illness, mobility, or other life situations.  This includes hospital stays, prayers before surgery or other medical procedures, or someone to simply be a listening ear. Warren First wants to keep … Continue reading Home Visits & Communion

Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a short-term meal ministry for those returning home from a hospital stay or struggling with demands during very stressful times.  Home-cooked meals are delivered to those requesting support by individual volunteers.  Contact the church office or the pastor to make a request or to learn more about providing meals.  


Caring for ourselves spiritually reminds us of our need to care for ourselves physically and mentally.  Several groups hold meetings and classes to help enhance our physical and emotional wellbeing.  Zumba, Christian Yoga, and Square Dance classes are offered throughout the week.  Narcotics Anonymous meet twice a week.  A Flu Clinic is held each September … Continue reading Wellness