Adult Bible Study

Adult Bible Studies

ADULT SUNDAY SChool  (Postponed because of COVID-19)


This class is led by Pastor Melissa

Adult Sunday School is currently looking at the life and teachings through the eyes of Luke’s gospel.  We invite you to join us for great conversation as we grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.


Virtual Bible Study

Monday Nights at 7 pm, online through

I AM: Discovering Who Jesus Is

It will still be several weeks before we can gather and study together.  We are starting a new class that will be held on Monday evenings from the comfort of our homes.  The class will be held on Zoom, a meeting platform.  It is easy user friendly.

If you are interest, please contact Pastor Melissa or (586) 264-4701.  She will walk you through the installation process and give you the meeting code to join us. 


Wednesday Noon Study

Starting July 8th, Noon to 1:30

If the Church Were Christian

The book we will be studying is  “If the Church were Christian” by Philip Gulley. Please let
us know if you are interested in this study…space is limited.