Adult Bible Study

Adult Bible Studies

ADULT SUNDAY SChool  (Postponed because of COVID-19)


This class is led by Pastor Melissa

Adult Sunday School is currently looking at the life and teachings through the eyes of Luke’s gospel.  We invite you to join us for great conversation as we grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.


Monday Night Bible Study

Monday Nights at 7 pm online through

Zoom Code: 843 0630 790

We will be studying  “Traveling Light” by Max Lucado                  Traveling Light by Max Lucado - Used (Very Good, ex-library) - 0849912970 by Nelson Incorporated, Thomas |
Cost per book: $8.00




Monday Nights at 7PM Online through

Engage is a relatively new group that has been meeting together to Engage in meaningful conversation with one another about faith, doctrine, and what the Bible really says about these things.  Anyone who would like to worship with others through engaging conversation is welcome to join us.  Topics include questions such  as “Is Worship Necessary”.


Wednesday Noon Study (Postponed because of COVID)

Starting October 27, Noon to 1:30 PM online through

If Grace is True

The book we will be studying is  “If Grace is True” by Philip Gulley. Please let us know if you are interested in this study…space is limited.

Cost of Book-$13.00