Pastor’s Pen





Thanksgiving is behind us.  That means that Christmas is right around the corner.  In a few short weeks, we will be gathering together to celebrate the birth of a child who changed everything.  I personally find Advent to be a taxing time of year.  I always begin the season with a long list of things to do and it never seems like that list gets any shorter.  I spent part of my Thanksgiving weekend putting up decorations and baking goodies.  There are still decorations sitting in my living room that haven’t been placed and I haven’t put a dent into my holiday baking list.  

For many, the holiday season brings great anxiety.  The days seem to fill up fast with things to do and places to go.  I remember a time when my children were young where I had something going every night in the three weeks leading up to Christmas.  There were meetings, holiday gatherings, and Christmas concerts on top of all the other things that demand our time and energy.  I often got to Christmas feeling anxious and exhausted.  I showed up to Christmas Eve service feeling like I had missed it.  I had been so preoccupied that I had missed Christmas.

First, we need to know that seasons of preparation are hectic.  When you are preparing for a big event, it takes time and energy.  Knowing that, we also need to be careful about where we spend our energy.  I have learned that if I don’t get everything baked on my list, it’s really alright.  The holiday won’t be spoiled if grandma’s Chex Mix didn’t make it to the table.  

As you prepare for Christmas this year, my hope is that instead of spending an exuberant amount of time and energy on things that are fleeting, you will spend some time reflecting on the gift you will bring Jesus this season.  Look for places to serve as well as opportunities to give a little bit of love.  There are a lot of people in the world that need to experience the love of Christ in their lives.  It begins with you and me seeking to be the hands and feet of Christ in all we do.

Blessings,  Pastor Melissa